The Regulars

…taking a breath, and getting as much information as I can about the world. Or simply listening to the people around me, and watching the world and picking up its hidden rhythms, which crouch underneath…

via Patton Oswalt

Feel free, y’all, to join the Regulars any Friday morning to “de-atrophy the muscles” and “amble pleasantly through a new music album or a human conversation” and “remind [one]self of the deeper tides.” Thanks, everybody.

Jerry Seinfeld on awards:

Your whole career as a comedian is about making fun of pretentious, high-minded, self-congratulatory BS events like this one. The whole feeling in this room of reverence and honoring is the exact opposite of everything I have wanted my life to be about.

…I feel very, very honored, but it’s just that awards are stupid.

ht again @austinkleon

Richard Feynman on receiving The Nobel Prize:

I’ve already got the prize. The prize is the pleasure of finding the thing out, the kick in the discovery, the observation of other people using it — those are the real things. The honors are unreal to me. I don’t believe in honors. It bothers me. Honors bothers me. Honors is epaulets; honors is uniforms. My Papa brought me up this way. I can’t stand it. It hurts me.

…Ok, I don’t like honors. 

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