The Regulars


I hope that all Regulars join Twitter and Tumblr at least, if not also other sharing platforms. Have questions or input? Great. Bring ‘em to our gatherings.

On Twitter, use the hashtag #regularing to reach out to the folks during the week. We can keep the conversations going, exchange links on our typical topics, notify each other of events, etc.

In addition to the list below, also look here.



You can find us here:

Twitter list

Luke Adams: Twitter

Brian Bailey: Twitter

Lon Bozarth: Twitter | site

Evan Bozarth: Twittersite

Chris Brecht: Twitter

Janet Brown: Tumblr

Brian Brushwood: Twitter

Joel Bush: Twitter | Tumblr | Svpply | Pinterest

Troy Campell: Twitter

Duane Cawthron: Twitter

R.D. Childers: Twitter

Rye Clifton: Twitter | Tumblr | Svpply | Pinterest

Pat Cosgrove: TwitterTumblr

Jacob Dirr: Twitter

Betsy Dupuis: Twitter

Sumner Erickson: Twitter

Michael Fracasso: Twitter

Kevin Gant: Twitter

Yao Gbanaglo: Twitter

Jerry Giordano: Twitter

Prabhakar Gopalan: Twitter

Jacqueline Hughes: Twitter

Mat Hames: Twitter

Jud Harris: Twitter

David Holmes: Twitter | blog

Brandon Hudgeons: Twitter

Andy Hunter: Twitter | blog

Kevin Koym: Twitter | Tumblr

Clay Langdon: Twitter

Wayne LaChapelle: Twitter

Scott Laningham: Twitter

Ricardo Lerma: Twitter

Chiawen Lin: Twitter | blog

Jennie Loev: Twitter

Keith McDorman: Twitter | blog

Jay Meany: Twitter | Svpply | site

Kerry Miller: Twitter

Jen Orr: Twitter

Sara Pierce: Twitter

Tyler Porterfield: Twitter | Tumblr

Joe Randel: Twitter

John Scarborough: Twitter

Shea Scott: Twitter

Chris Silverthorne: Twitter

Kyle Simpson: Twitter

Shelley Smith: Twitter

Frank Souders: Twitter

Stephen Torrence: Twitter

John Warren: Twitter

Rodney White: Twitter

Cliff Wildman: Twitter : Tumblr

Eddie Wilson: Twitter

Peyton Wimmer: Twitter : Tumblr